"The King of the School"
Mikey Effie

San Diego native, Mikey Effie, began modeling at a young age. After being scouted by a talent manager, he was quickly picked up by The Polygon Group Agency & began studying at The Actor's Room under the direction of Steven Lowe. Besides the role of "Pear" in CandyLand, this year Mikey has been cast in six short films & three national commercials where he's SAG Eligible.

He considers himself sensitive & quirky with his favorite subjects being reading & science. His favorite food is Avocado & favorite color is Orange. He has a 2nd degree Orange belt in Tae Kwon Do. His favorite movie of all time is "Ghost Busters" & Johnny Depp is his favorite actor. Musically inclined & passionate towards all genres, as was his 9th cousin Elvis Presley, Mikey prefers classical. In his spare time he loves to read, write stories & songs, create comics, design roller coasters, practice Origami, play the Flutophone or play video games.

Besides being an Actor, Mikey wants to attend college to become an Engineer, Author, Psychologist, or Singer/Songwriter/Musician.