"The New Girl"
Katherine "Kitty" Manchester

Kitty made her first trip to LA to try acting when she was six. She earned her SAG card during her second visit at the age of seven. She made two more trips since then, adding credits to her resume each time.

Her favorite thing about acting is meeting, and working with, so many new people (but hair and makeup is kind of fun too). She loves that each audition, rehearsal, and day on set is a different and fun experience that allows her to use her imagination.

Although a former resident of North Carolina, Virginia, Texas and Colorado (she is a 'military brat'), Kitty currently lives in Maryland.

Besides acting, Kitty enjoys gymnastics, downhill skiing, karaoke, belly dancing, and crafts.

Kitty and her older sister are homeschooled, which allows the family to travel a lot. At the age of 8, she has been to 33 States and 4 countries... so far.