Writer / Director


Casting Director / Executive Producer
Ali Scher

A child at heart, Ali Scher has always found a way to infuse whimsy and fantasy into her work and life. Originally from Toronto, Ali began directing and acting in theater at a very young age. She went on to receive a degree in Theater and Literature from Smith College, transitioning to film after spending a summer as a research intern for the television show "ER." She attended USC School of Cinematic Arts, where play is pursued with the utmost dedication and seriousness.

Last year Ali received the DGA (Directors Guild of America) Jury Award for Best Woman Filmmaker of 2011. On her USC Thesis film, "The Maiden and The Princess" Ali had the opportunity to work with David Anders of "Alias" and "Vampire Diaries," Julian Sands of "Room With A View" and "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo," and Broadways Megan Hilty of "Smash." The film has played at over fifty festivals worldwide and won countless awards, including the 2012 USC Faculty Award for Best Directing and a Student Emmy.